The B2B lead generation machine

The B2B lead generation machine is a first-of-its-kind guide to building a watertight lead generation process for complex sales. It gives knowledge-based businesses practical and strategic advice on developing a concrete, sustainable pipeline of prospects.

Organisations need a regular infusion of inspiration, new ideas and advice.

In this book, Carrie serves it straight up to you in her uniquely refreshing, honest and engaging way. Huge dollops of creativity, pragmatism and positivity that you can use right away to freshen up your business.

Creating an effective lead generation machine is critical to sales success and this book provides you with easy to use tools to become more proficient in this key area. Now available for £8.99 in Kindle form.

Find out how to: 

  • develop a proposition that makes you impossible to ignore
  • create, nurture and close all the opportunities you need
  • make lead generation systematic, simple and repeatable
  • access bigger opportunities and break into hard-to-reach companies
  • link marketing together so you get twice as much from your budget


“A thought-provoking approach to marketing to businesses which is as relevant to startups as to a 100,000 person corporation like Microsoft.”
“The pace, humour and clarity around Carrie’s ideas make this a blisteringly fast read which will enable you to translate content and creativity into lead generation and sales.”
“New and refreshingly practical, this book turns the elusive skill of marketing complex B2B messages into a well-oiled machine any business can create.”
“It is the creative brilliance and simplicity of communciation Onefish Twofish is famous for distilled into 150 pages.”
“When I finished reading Carrie’s book, I felt inspired. Inspired to reach for my pen and pad and furiously scribble down a list of action points to help my new business evolve and improve.”
“This is a hugely refreshing and practical book, written in an enviably accessible style, with loads of examples and templates to help business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales people to achieve great results and long-term success.”