Reinventing the BBCworldwide mass induction event

Over 80 people a month go through the BBCWorldwide induction as new starters – and we tackled the challenge of immersing and inspiring them with the culture from day one.

Our work in turning the BBCWorldwide Induction programme into a truly immersive experience was feature on the CIPD podcast.

From telling to experiencing

Before – up to 100 new employees a month went through a detailed ‘tell’ induction day. Who retains anything after the first 25 slides?!
After – we totally reinvented the day to allow people to experience BBCw, figure out where they fit, identify and start to build a network and feel totally clear about where BBCw is going. The CEO said the new events were “Phenomenal”.

Some induction day highlights

“IT’S NOT A LONELY PLANET” – a fun take on the BBCw product of the same name allowing people to quickly connect with others.

WHERE DO I FIT? – a huge wall based exercise allowing people to explore how BBCw works on a giant map of the company and to pin themselves into the places they feel they contribute and who they need to connect with

“A huge thank you for all your work with the new BBC Worldwide Induction programme.”

Anna Charleston, People & Organisational Development Manager


BBC Worldwide – John Smith, CEO