Unleashing the people who make Tangfastic and Dairy Milk..

How we lit the fire under a ‘$35bn start up’ by empowering every single person to create the organisation they want. Ou r work was part of transitioning Kraft Foods into new and unknown global brand, Mondelez. Working across all the UK & Ireland sites we empowered their people and unleashed their passion for change.

Creating culture from scratch in a ‘corporate start up’


When big companies join together to make a brand new company, how do you create the right culture?

For several thousand people across the UK and Ireland, the previous few years had been all about waiting while giant businesses were bolted together. Cadbury. Kraft. Trebor Bassett. Big stuff. Now suddenly they worked for a new company – Mondelez. How could they build a culture where people take the initiative and start to own their new ‘$35bn start up’.

What makes people feel like they are trusted to do what they think is best?

We worked with two great pioneers within the HR and Talent team – both of whom were visionary and practical. We created and immersive experience in the form of a brand and nationwide event that absolutely everyone was invited to. The event took inspiration and techniques from Open Space Technology, World Cafe and our own Clean Comms philosophy. Up and down the UK and Ireland, large groups of people got together to ‘think like a CEO’, map out priorities and then to build a wall together that they could critically evaluate as one large group. Enabling them to visualise what they thought was important led to some powerful self facilitation.


One person would point at a priority like ‘Simplify our processes’ on the wall an say to the group of 70, “Well, that’s not something anyone here can do much about”.

Others would nod. As facilitators, we stayed silent.

Then someone else would say, “Yes but what we COULD do is…”

And then the conversations was off and running, with groups forming to create solutions to problems they truly cared about.


The flow of energy through a Onefish Twofish experience that shifts mindsets, confidence and trust

We design experiences (whether face to face or woven into a colleague’s day) by describing the flow of the journey we would love them to take. Rather than a slap round the face with a ‘thing’, the idea is to allow them to walk step by step at their own pace through something new or different. Humans experience everything in life in a curve or a cycle. Our job is to create a curve that is appealing and challenging and matched to what they are ready for.



Hear Charlotte Moss talking about her experience of constructing culture with us


“This work we did with Onefish Twofish was so important and created the platform for the new culture we need to move forward. What’s different about Onefish Twofish is that they listen and then they do something really creative that works.”
Mondelez (previously Kraft and Cadbury)