Watch: the exciting/painful truth about how to change culture in a real business

2nd November 2018

Culture Change Paradoxes Webinar Series S1:E1

With Onefish expert on agile culture change in the workplace, Richard Atherton

From getting to the heart of leaders to starting small fires 

Richard Atherton is one of the most experienced culture change ‘do-ers’ and the host of the popular Being Human podcast on iTunes. A regular contributor to Onefish Twofish culture transformation projects, he talks candidly about his experiences of going deep with leaders, hacking small successes and a possibly a few trip ups along the way.


Show notes:

Richard’s podcast, Being Human.
First Human, the company he is a partner in.
Dave Snowden and his blog on taking actions that make negative stories more difficult to tell.
Ralph Stacey who describes people as sensors with data to tap.
Frederick Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organisations” which talks about ‘human-sensing machines’ and which you can download on a pay-as-you-feel basis.