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Sub title and description of the course


Get this particular benefit here here and here

Get this particular benefit here here and here

Get this particular benefit here here and here

What people will learn

In this course, participants will:

  • Understand why meetings no longer serve our complex organisations
  • Learn the psychology of meetings and a (brief, interesting!) history of how we got here
  • Explore new formats for meetings and the concept of meeting ‘canvases’ for consistency and efficiency
  • Discover the basics of designing and facilitating meetings that will achieve the outcome you want
  • Tackle some of the trickiest challenges: “No one does their prep”, “Senior leaders turn up and hijack the agenda” or “Nice people just talk and talk”
  • Learn ways to change the course of a meeting that is headed south
  • Redesign and test on a real meeting that you want to improve.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for managers who are fed up of spending unproductive time in meetings and have the courage to redesign and lead new types of meetings.

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"Quote from Woody here here here and here about the course – something incredibly insightful."
Andrew Wood (Woody), one of our workshop facilitators
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Beyond the workshop…

We can also create specific canvases (templates you can write on) that fit your teams’ workflow so that it’s easy to deliver great meetings and capture the outputs consistently.