Watch: how to balance “driving” vs “allowing” engagement

6th November 2018

Culture Change Paradoxes Webinar Series S1:E2

With Onefish expert on employee engagement and experience, Tracee Finch

What to do when you know that employees will see straight through being “engaged” by the business

You want to proactively find ways to engage people. Equally you want to allow employees to engage authentically for themselves. How do you navigate the path between driving an engagement agenda vs creating the conditions for engagement and allowing people to engage, should they wish to? Push vs pull. Centrally powered vs employee driven. Ooof, it’s tricky.

This webinar is for people who work on employee engagement and are looking for a much richer understanding of the complexity and subtlety of of engaging employees.


Show notes:

Tracee herself and her company, Realised
Dave Snowden and his blog on taking actions that make negative stories more difficult to tell
Ralph Stacey who describes people as sensors with data to tap.
Frank Barrett and his book ‘Yes to the Mess‘.