Watch: empowering teams without the wheels coming off

19th November 2018

Culture Change Paradoxes Webinar Series, Episode 5

With Onefish Twofish founder, Carrie Bedingfield

How can you dismantle command-and-control and stay safe as an organisation?

To become faster, more agile and innovative (and many other words we through around in culture change) involves some dismantling of command and control. We’ve been talking about ’empowering teams for two decades. The reality of reducing hierarchy and releasing some control is easy to write in a powerpoint slide and difficult to do in practice. And it’s not surprising. Businesses succeeded in the 20th century through controlling processes and through strong management practices. Carrie will explore the tensions between empowering teams and the natural and important desire to keep the organisation safe.


Show notes:

Richard Stobart, CEO of Unboxed
Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy and their book on Flow: A Handbook for Change Makers
Mike Pegg and the Strengths movement
Eric Berne and his work on Transactional Analysis
Brian Robertson and his work on Holocracy