Watch: getting in flow – and how to stop your phone from smashing through it

18th February 2019

Friction Free Webinar Series, Episode 3, Part 3

With Mind Apps founder, Nick Himowicz.

In the third part of this 45-minute conversation with Nick Himowicz, you will hear:

– What is it?
– The optimal state of being where you are feeling your best and working your best.
– What are the conditions for flow?
– Why the smart phone is the single biggest smasher of your flow
– Understanding some of the tricks smart phone interface designers use to steal OUR attention to make THEIR business more valuable
– How to set your phone up so that it works for YOU not the company you bought it from (including using settings you have probably never seen like turning all your icons to black and white)
– Getting the tone right if you are working on phone use across your organisation – how not to hack everyone off with a ‘stop messing around on your phone’ type message