Watch: how to intermingle people, ideas and technology to create innovation

28th January 2019

Friction Free Webinar Series, Episode 2

With Intermingled founder, Antony Quinn

In this 45-minute conversation with Antony Quinn – part of our extended Onefish team – you will hear:

– Why leadership is about creating the conditions for intermingling people and ideas
– A powerful description of the shift from linear, sequenced working practices to collaboration
– Discussion of the challenges of moving from a traditional structure to working in mixed teams in a networked way for faster innovation – and how to address each one
– Cultural intelligence – what is it and how can we use it in our organisations to encourage collaboration
– What a non-hierarchical structure might look like
– Why cultivating weak connections is every leader’s task
– Boundary spanning leadership – what it is and why it’s the future
– Making your scaffolding visible and improvable – the invisible methods you use to do things at work that can be hidden from view
– Simple ways to start on a journey of collaborative innovation when everyone is flat out on the ‘day job’



We reference:

Boundary spanning leadership
Cultural intelligence
Improv training in business