Watch: how to manage yourself while you’re managing change

16th November 2018

Culture Change Paradoxes Webinar Series S1:E4

With Onefish expert in engagement and communication driven change, Andrew Wood

How to drive change for others and set a challenging pace without leaving people behind

If you are thinking, planning and making change happen, you might find you are also the lightning rod for other people’s emotions. This can be a pretty tough, isolated road, and people travelling it need their own support!

In this webinar Andrew Wood (Woody) reflects on some of the tensions of being a change agent – what is our personal relationship to the change we are responsible for? How can we change a system from inside? And what we can do to look after our wellbeing and energy as we offer so much of it up to other people?


Show notes:

Woody himself and Hcubed, the company he is a partner in.
Bill Torbert and his work on Action Inquiry and triple-loop learning.
Jennifer Garvey-Burger and her work on the need to be a sensor.
The practice of supervision for a change agent.
The drama triangle.