Watch: minimise stress that is standing in the way of performance

23rd January 2019

Friction Free Webinar Series, Episode 1

With Wild Monday founder, Dr Rachel Morris 

In this 40-minute conversation with Dr Rachel Morris, packed with hugely helpful insights and practical advice, you will hear:

– Why our brains see danger all around us and respond in unhelpful ways
– How to let go of our own baggage around stress which holds us back from truly supporting our team
– Spotting the early signs of stress
– Facing up to stress in your team when you feel unqualified and don’t want to open up pandora’s box
– What to do when employees are emoting (whinging!) and threatening to drain everyone’s batteries
– How you can enable peers to informally coach each other ‘in the moment’ and why that so effective



We reference:

Dr Steve Peters’ book: The Chimp Paradox
The amygdala in the brain