Watch: the paradox of authenticity vs shared company values

12th November 2018

Culture Change Paradoxes Webinar Series S1:E3

With Onefish expert on understanding and changing customer and employee experiences, Rick Harris

Should you encourage authenticity or make everyone “live the values”?

You want your people to be authentic. You want them to fully live out the values (and you possibly measure and reward them on this). How can you enable people to be true to themselves and to the brand values? Is towing the company line authentic? Is it loyalty? Or faking it? How do companies set out a clear culture without being seen as dogmatic? In the latest in our series of HR and Change Paradoxes, Rick Harris explores some of the tensions and possibilities.

Rick Harris is a hugely experienced customer and employee experience thinker and deliverer and a regular contributor to Onefish Comms projects where people and brand values collide. Rick will help anyone responsible for company or brand values to think through how to create a strong, loyal culture without risking dogma or losing personal authenticity.



Show notes:

Rick himself and Customer Faithful, the company he leads.
Denise Lyon and her book on integrating brand and culture in large companies.
Surface acting vs deep acting.
Valuing difference vs rewarding conformity.
Improving employee surveys and creating solutions from the feedback.