Watch: a simple way to have better quality meetings with Six Hats

25th February 2019

Friction Free Webinar Series, Episode 3, Part 4

With Mind Apps founder, Nick Himowicz.

In the fourth part of this 45-minute conversation with Nick Himowicz, you will hear:

– How to use Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats to separate out the spaghetti of a meeting conversation into clear stages of thinking that allow groups to work closely together
– Why operating in different modes (or ‘hats’) can create friction and frustration
– And how we can work together in the same mode for example separating out strategic thinking about what SHOULD be done from exploring what information and data you have to help you do it and from discussing how we FEEL about a situation



We reference:

– Edward de Bono is commonly acknowledged as the father of lateral thinking and author of Six Thinking Hats