Develop a clear, powerful value proposition as a foundation for cracking your sales and marketing goals.

Creating a strong value proposition (or ‘getting the flipping message right!’) is the first step on the route to a more consistent pipeline. In this workshop, we help you get clear on your messaging and how you structure and describe what you sell, working through the complexity every B2B selling clever things inevitably experiences.

Home in on a value proposition that will serve you.

Articulate this in a way that is hard for potential clients to walk past.

Get messaging clarity to power sales and marketing.

What you can expect in a day

In the Onefish B2B value proposition workshop, you and your team will go through the process of creating your lead generation machine and learn exactly how to test, refine and make it work hard for you, and specifically how to:

  • Pinpoint the overarching problem/solution fit that you are able to make to your customers
  • The source of your competitive advantage and how to articulate it
  • The service values you never compromise as a business that make your value proposition rock solid
  • Create a marketing powerpack of messages and evidence that will bring consistency to all your marketing and sales communication
  • Turn what we draft during the day into a tested, validated value proposition
  • Use your value proposition to make your marketing more focused, powerful and increase your proposal conversion rates.

Who is this workshop for?

This is a experience designed specifically for a team from your business to work together with me on your B2B lead generation machine. Bring those who have insight to contribute together with those who would be meaningfully affected by it.

You can your team can expect to leave with:

  • A much clearer, shared understanding of what a good value proposition is and how to create one
  • A value proposition that you’re ready to test with the market
  • A clear plan for what to do next to complete your value proposition
  • A raft of insights and aha moments emerging through the process we’ll go through on the day
  • The option to come back after market testing and work together for a second day to refine and complete the value proposition, if that’s helpful

Let’s speak!

If you would like to talk about bringing this workshop, or a variation of it to your organisation we’d love to speak. You can book a 30 minute call straight into the calendar of one of our workshops designers/facilitators and we’ll help you think through your options and what might serve you best.

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"A credible, logical process is the way to crack the value proposition – that way differing opinions enrich the message rather than derail it"
Carrie Bedingfield, workshop facilitator
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