Fast, agile meetings 

For many companies, meetings are a big time-drain. They take too much time, achieve too little and bring energy down. Let’s change that! LoMo is set of techniques and templates to encourage self-organising, self-responsibility, speed, clarity and powerful decisions in meetings. LoMo is short for Low-Tech Moments. No powerpoint, no faffing, just top quality thinking/talking/working together.

LoMo has completely changed the pace of our projects, injecting speed, energy and ownership.”

Simple intuitive techniques to help people discuss and decide things efficiently.

Structured meeting time that gets everyone totally clear and back to their desk faster.

A set of light meeting structures, designed to take the strain of project communication.

What is LoMo?

“Enough structure to create flow”

  • Total clarity about outcome of meeting.
  • Power given to the data, including each person’s unique insight.
  • Easy, logical techniques that makes information sharing and decision making up to 5 times faster.
  • Low preparation and no post-write up (LoMo canvases create ready made output).
  • Each person’s true insight is skillfully sought – risk is exposed sooner.

What you’ll learn

During the one day workshop you can expect to:

  • Understand why meetings may not serve you now you work more collaboratively in an environment where things are changing all the time
  • Learn some of the psychology of meeting behaviour… and a (brief, interesting!) history of how we got here
  • Explore new formats for meetings that might serve you better in a variety of situations
  • Practice LoMo techniques that you could use immediately to improve any meeting
  • Discover the basics of designing and facilitating meetings that will achieve the outcome you want
  • Learn ways to change the course of a meeting that is headed south
  • Explore the LoMo templates so you can use them where they are helpful

Who is this workshop for?

We designed this workshop specifically for:

  • Leaders and managers who want to use their team’s time more effectively
  • Project managers who need their team to be more self responsible, faster and more productive
  • Managers who organise lots of meetings as part of their role and want to get out of meeting gridlock (it’s a thing!)
  • People who are working in an agile way in a waterfall organisation who want to help shift the rest of the business to new ways of working
  • People interested in Holacracy, Open Space Technology, Agile, Lean Start Up, Unconference and other people-centred philosophies


Let’s speak!

If you would like to talk about bringing this workshop, or a variation of it to your organisation we’d love to speak. You can book a 30 minute call straight into the calendar of one of our workshops designers/facilitators and we’ll help you think through your options and what might serve you best.

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What people are saying about this workshop


LoMos are the only meetings our engineers want to go to.
I’ve been telling everyone about LoMo – it addresses so many important problems in meetings.
When you learn LoMo, it all seems so obvious and you find yourself amazed that you haven’t been running meetings like this forever.
LoMo takes Agile ceremonies to the next level – more ownership, more humanness, more clarity.
I’m a complete convert to LoMo and am looking forward to sharing this with my teams!
LoMo has completely changed the pace of our projects, injecting speed and ownership.


"Meetings can be one of the most frustrating activities we have to do at work –  and they have the potential to be energising and unblocking. I love working with people to help them redesign their meetings to serve them and their team. "
Carrie Bedingfield, workshop facilitator
About Carrie



Beyond the workshop…

We also work directly with organisations who are trying to redesign meetings at an organisational level. Often asked to develop a specific set of meetings that brilliantly serve an organisation’s workflow, we’d love to help you think about how you might tackle meetings systematically and strategically in your organisation. Book a call with Carrie Bedingfieldto find out more.